“I have ridden enough KESA horses for enough years, that I can verify the following statements.
These horses can compete in the toughest open AQHA classes, as well as being dependable rodeo and using horses, yet quiet enough to be a dependable family using horse. The KESA horses have great minds and trainability, and can handle the stress of the show ring, and yet stay sound, a big plus. These horses are consistent in their training and retention, and have good quality overall. Both the KESA Driftwood lines and the Blue Valentine KESA lines, stay very
true to their breeding, and add consistency to their offspring.”
~ Luke Jones, professional trainer
Multiple winner of AQHA World Shows, and high point winners


This KeSa mare (Clara) has been the best all-around horse I’ve ever owned.  She is extremely willing and intelligent, and even in her moments of “spook” is a thinker and has never run off with me.  I have used her in the mountains on trails, for bow hunting in extreme conditions, packing, bear hunting, mounted shooting, roping, sorting and have had up to 3 small children on her at one time.  After all of that, she will even come in the garage and have a beer with me….  She can and will do anything I ask of her time and time again as she proves every day to be the most sound, healthy horse I’ve ever owned.  To top it all off, we just recently qualified for the Mounted Shooting World Championships for the second year in a row. I am a true believer in the KeSa breeding program, have toured the facility and will own no other.  Love this horse.

– Sam Hamilton – KeSa Horse Lover

“I have bought colts from Sam since 2008, sired by MR Junewood, Driftwood Sensation, and Blue Fox Hancock, I currently have four and love them all.  I sold a Driftwood Sensation colt that I wish I had kept, because he has turned into a very good rope horse for the new owner.  These colts are easy to train, good minded, not broncy, quick footed, cowy, and easy to rope on and train.  These are good looking horses, and they do it all, that makes them easy to show off, and you can put little kids on them because of their dispositions.  I have won $10,000 and three saddles on these horses.  People compliment me on my horses, and are always trying to buy them.   These horses help me do well at the ropings.”
~~~ Rob Mason, Owner of 4 KeSa horses, consistent roper at Jackpot Ropings


“My colt is doing great; he is exactly what I was wanting, he is so light and responsive, well-mannered and seems to be very smart…a quick learner. He follows me around, and my husband is teasing me about taking him from me! He mentioned that he would like his next horse to be a brother of mine.”
~~~ Kris Poisal, owner of Dos Plenty Fox a son of Blue Fox Hancock sold at the 2011 Come To The Source sale.


“I have been exposing the Mare to gunfire slowly and yesterday started shooting off her at a walk. She doesnt care. Thinks she needs to have her nose right by my fingers when reloading…makes sure I do it right. We are still in a snaffle bit and shes learning to rate by my seat and turn from neck and leg pressure.
The Baby Rojo Jr sleeps by the arena gate when we work. He just cant seem to stand and watch for more than a few minutes and down he goes flat out sleeping. Guess hes OK with gunfire too. Thanks again for this great mare and the great beginning work you all did with her. I cant believe shes in my backyard.”
~~~ Cathy Racow


“I bought a MJ weanling on the come to source sale in 07. I practiced heeling on him 5 times in the practice pin. The 6Th time i roped on him i entered the World Series team roping at Spicers arena & won 6Th 2 weeks ago. The more i ride him the more i like him. Hes got lots of cow in him & is very easy to teach new things. Ive got a weanling MJ i bought this last fall on your sale. Cant wait tell he is old enough to ride. Keep up what your doing!”
~~~ Rob Mason


“I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for breeding such nice horses. I have owned Mr Blue Junewood (called MJ), a 2003 gelding by Mr. Junewood out of Blue Dot Hancock for a little more than 2 years now. He is the most solid horse I have ever owned. I am a novice heeler and he has taken care of me on many occasions even though he is only 7 years old. I know that when I take him to a roping he will be easy to handle and consistent. Even as a stallion, (I gelded him in March) he was easy to haul and take to roping and practices. MJ is very athletic … he rarely gets out of breath, even when I run him hard at practice. He is my only rope horse, so he gets used a lot. He is also a good looking horse and many a roper has stopped me to ask where I got him. In other words, the next horse I purchase will be from you. Couldn’t ask for a better source for top notch quality horses.”
~~~ Christy Kovner


“Fox continues to be easy to work with and is always a pleasure to be around. We’ve been concentrating on developing her handle before riding in versatility ranch horse clinics in the spring. Virtually on a daily basis she impresses me with her desire to please. She’s coming along and I really enjoy riding her. In another month or so I’ll be hauling to a facility that has cattle and get her headed in the direction of some more serious cow work. Thanks again to you for your wisdom in breeding such a good horse.” 
~~~ Linda, owner of Rojos Fox a 2007 dun roan filly that was in the CSU Legends of Ranching Sale in 2010.


“I am absolutely completely happy with my horses, She’s (the mare) very nice and light. I will be selling my ‘Appy’ baby as a 2 yr old this summer hopefully. He is Foundation x 6 generations and is lovely, but I’m hooked on this breeding line. Yes I’m very happy and feel very lucky and glad that Sam picked out my Mare. She’s just right for me. I think these horses are perfect for amateur horse people like me, as well as the experts. I just love the sensible mind and basic kindness they have for us and for one another. Thanks again.”
~~~ Cathy Racow, purchased Driftin Red Jackie a 2008 mare and Junewoods Rojo Junior a 2010 colt from us in 2010.


“My 2 year old grandchildren have been taking turns sitting on both of my yearlings and “Smoke” has walked around with them on his back without a care.”
~~~ Barbara Hudson – purchased 2 weanlings from us at the 2005 sale


“Hancock Red Fox was in training with Luke Jones. He has found him to be willing and easy to train, he is very consistent and steady in his progress. Luke says that “what he teaches him today he remembers tomorrow and is ready to move forward.” Red Fox is started on heeling and shows lots of interest and potential.”
~~~ Luke Jones professional horseman, trainer and exhibitor of multiple Word Show Qualifiers


“I still think that Mr Junewood and Blue Fox Hancock are two of the better horses I ever rode, and I think enough of them that I am incorporating their bloodlines into my brood mares.”
~~~ Shot Branham, NFR Finalist and AQHA World Show Finalist


“Blue Fox has that rare combination that’s hard to find of being talented and athletic enough to be an Open horse but gentle enough that anyone can ride, and in my mind, he has the perfect conformation for performance.”
~~~ Shot Branham, NFR Finalist and AQHA World Show Finalist.


“Last spring, I started five or six of Sam’s colts. All were easy to start. I still say that these horses are some of the easiest and nicest colts that I have ever worked with.”
~~~ Shot Branham, World Show finalist, NFR finalist


“MJ is the best horse I ever rode, start to finish. With everything he has done, he still has that “try” and is still improving. He is not at the top of his game yet.”
~~~ Shot Branham, World Show finalist, NFR finalist


“I have two of your horses, bought them in 2010. I love them dearly. We didn’t have good luck with the one. As a two year old sometime during the night he injured his stifle and has never healed up. We just keep on feeding him. The other one is my boy, I do whatever I need to on him. I would like to share some pictures of him with you. I hope to hear from you! Thank you for your time.”
~~~ Netzi Lemmon, Multiple KeSa Horse Owner