Our Breeding


Our program is three pronged. We run line bred Driftwoods, line bred Blue Valentines, and the proven golden cross, Driftwood X Blue Valentine. We `weave’ these bloodlines back and forth utilizing our eight stallions and 60-70 mares, some line bred, some utilizing the blended bloodlines. We feel that this gives us individuals that embody the best attributes of both bloodlines. This blend has a long history of working and producing top notch performance horses. Red Man by Joe Hancock was often bred to daughters of Driftwood, and these Driftwood daughters were often out of mares by King (P234). In the background of many of our Driftwood mares, there were crosses to Poco Bueno by King (P234), and then these resulting mares were bred to a Driftwood Ike (by Driftwood) son that had running blood on his dam’s side. This running blood went back to Clabber, which goes back to Lone Star, which ties this bloodline to the Blue Valentine line through his dam, Beautys Dream. This `weaving’ of the Driftwood X Blue Valentine bloodlines works because of the common ancestors involved, that were proven producers of top using horses. The only stallion that we did not raise is Driftwood Sensation, and he was chosen when still on his mother, to add some differing lines of both Driftwood and Joe Hancock. Driftwood Sensation goes back to Roan Hancock by Joe Hancock (said to be a brother of Red Man), and War Chief by Joe Hancock, and two Driftwood offspring not related to Driftwood Ike. Easy Keeper by Driftwood is out of a Waggoner mare, and Brown Beulah by Driftwood is out of a King (P234) daughter. We have carefully added some Peppy San, Sugar Bars, and King Fritz to this mix of Driftwood X Hancock bloodlines. MR Junewood is the result of a carefully planned blending of two different mare lines of Driftwood Ike sons (Driftwood Ike is by Driftwood). Both sire and dam lines go back to Joe Hancock, but the sire line (Wayward Ike) is closer to Little Joe (by Traveler). The mare line (Junewood Miss) goes back to the running blood of the immortal Clabber, a direct tie through Lone Star to the Blue Valentine lineage. The mare line also goes back to Poco Bueno by King (P234) by Zantanon, by Little Joe, another tie in, further back using different mare lines. We have created a concentrated 25% Driftwood pedigree, but have added enough outside blood to keep it healthy, and still tie in with the Little Joe blood. We have also thrown in a background cross to Blue Valentine’s ancestors. This is what we mean when we say that we `weave’ our bloodlines. To insure the success of these three programs, we have to maintain individuals from both lines that are high % and high quality to perpetuate our program. A horse must be exceptional to stay in our breeding program and our goal is to have every horse meet that standard. As breeders, we believe that we have the responsibility to constantly improve our animals, not just to multiply them.